Reusables – Pacific Capital Group, Under the Leadership of Gary Winnick, Becomes a Shareholder in Palogix LLC

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2012  — As a further illustration of the expanding merchant banking and investment portfolio of Pacific Capital Group, PCG has become a shareholder in Palogix LLC. Palogix is a solutions-oriented rental and logistics supplier of returnable and reusable containers and packaging. Palogix CEO Robert Liebesman said, “As a young business in the US, and while we are owned by our South African parent, we will benefit from the intellectual and financial capital of PCG as well as the experience, vision and reputation of Gary Winnick. This will enable us to scale the U.S. business rapidly and lean on the talented reservoir of executives that PCG can provide to assist Palogix, which is based in Los Angeles.”

Robert Hertzberg, who is Vice Chairman at PCG, has become Chairman of Palogix LLC. A former Speaker of the California Assembly and candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, Mr. Hertzberg works with Mr. Liebesman to attract luminaries in the agricultural and auto industry sectors that are a core focus of Palogix. Palogix is already a strong player in the agricultural space and has been profitable in the US from the beginning of its American operation in 2010.

Founded in 1985 by financier Gary Winnick, Pacific Capital Group has created more than $75 billion in value for investors. PCG is based in Los Angeles and takes a hands-on approach to investing in, mentoring and building businesses. The firm provides capital, strategic direction and operational expertise to entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, software, real estate, media healthcare and telecommunications.

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