Reusables – LINPAC Allibert Invests for the Future in UK

LINPAC Allibert, the global expert in plastic returnable transit packaging for the food, retail and manufacturing sectors, has extended its UK manufacturing capability and is now set to supply the whole of Europe with the company’s range of Euro Stacking containers from the United Kingdom.

Available in almost 50 variants, with matching dolIies and pallets, the range has become a huge success in industrial, food and engineering applications. The modular, inter-stacking containers have vertical sides, creating maximum internal volume.

LINPAC Allibert's heavy-duty Euro Stacking containers are available in almost 50 variants

Danilo Oliynik, Commercial Director at LINPAC Allibert in the UK, explains: “Thanks to its heavy-duty capabilities and versatility across multiple applications, the Euro Stacking range has been universally adopted as the stacking container of choice for industrial and engineering applications. It is so versatile that it is impossible for us to describe an average or typical usage situation.

“As a result of its popularity we have decided to invest further in our manufacturing capability at our plant at Winsford in Cheshire, UK to meet the demand for this product, and will be supplying both the mainland European and the UK market from there.”

“Our central location at Winsford enables us to offer a locally manufactured product to the UK market – helping to reduce supply chain costs, carbon footprint and lead times to our customers in this country.

“We see this as a real success story for UK manufacturing at a time when industry as a whole has had to deal with exceptionally tough trading conditions.”

A heavy-duty, modular range, Euro Stacking containers offer an array of features that make them ideal for a wide variety of applications.  They are clean, safe and available in a range of sizes, and provide excellent capacities and overall size ratios.  They are also designed for minimal handling, minimum waste and optimal protection of goods.

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