Reusable Transit Item (RTI) Pool RFID e-Seal: Confidex Wins Multi-Million Dollar Deal

Confidex UHF Gen2 RFID tags are now being used in Container Centralen‘s full scale RFID roll-out called “Operation Chip It!”. Confidex developed and delivered tags to IBM Denmark and this tag will be used as an electronic seal by Container Centralen A/S on its fleet of 3.5 million CC Containers. The new tag brings unprecedented transparency in the supply chain as well as improves overall quality of CC Container pool by reducing risk of counterfeit containers to be included into the pool.

Confidex, RFID tag,Reusable asset RFID tag,Container Centralen RFID tag,CC RFID tag,reusable RFID tagConfidex tags are identifying each and every 3.5 million CC Containers in the “Operation Chip It!”. “This is the largest UHF RFID tag implementation in RTI’s (Returnable Transit Items) worldwide and also the largest purchase order of EPC Gen2 specialty tags ever,” said Torbjörn Andersson, Vice President of Sales at Confidex. “We are very pleased that IBM and Container Centralen selected Confidex and our unique tag design, which we were working on for over two years with Container Centralen as the lead customer.”

“Confidex’s extensive work in the design and test of a tag specialized for Container Centralen’s specialized environment was the major reason for selecting Confidex as our tag supplier” says Mikael Erthmann, Executive Project Manager for Global Business Services at IBM. “Confidex has worked very closely with IBM throughout the project in order to manage all the different requirements and secure delivery of the tags for this large and challenging RFID project.”

By utilizing its patent pending tag design, Confidex developed an electronic RFID “e-seal” which can securely authenticate the origin of the CC Container and which meets the tough customer requirements. This anti-tampering feature was achieved without compromising the small tag size and the read performance requirements of the logistics operations.

To be effective such a high quantity of tags also had to be easy to attach, without additional tools, in any conditions. What’s more, the tag needed to be able to withstand extremely harsh use outdoors. The e-seals are identified and verified with RFID handheld devices, supplied by NordicID and others.

Source: Confidex

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