Reusable Roundup: Creative Techniques Celebrates 30 Years, TriEnda Lexington Logistics Finds Buyer

Creative Techniques Celebrates 30 Years

Creative Techniques

Congratulations to custom reusable packaging manufacturer Creative Techniques, which is celebrating its 30th year in operation. Creative Techniques ( offers solid modeling capabilities in engineering, the capability to manufacture parts up to 70 pounds, a sophisticated state-of-the-industry tool room, and a global customer base. It is a quite a leap from the early years, where drafting boards, Bridgeport mills and a few small injection molding machines were the tools. Then as now, however, the people of Creative Techniques and their relationships endure as key success factors. With a vision of being the leaders in the field of custom reusable packaging, the founders built the company on talent, enthusiasm, and passion.

Michigan Green Leaders Awards

“These attributes are recognized by customers, who trust us with their business,” says a release from Creative Techniques. “Customers know they can depend on Creative Techniques to provide innovative designs, produce quality products that meet or exceed their expectations, and deliver on time.”

Creative Techniques wishes to thank everyone who has helped make it what it is today, including customers, team members, suppliers, and friends.

Also in the news, Creative Techniques was recently announced as a winner of the Michigan Green Leaders Award, in the category of Medium Businesses, one of nine categories.  The award recognizes businesses, people and organizations that help Michigan to become a greener and cleaner state.


Operating Assets of TriEnda Lexington Logistics Acquired

The operating assets of TriEnda Lexington Logistics has been purchased by Oklahoma-based Trienda Holdings LLC has acquired the operating assets of TriEnda Lexington Logistics in a Wisconsin receivership sale. TriEnda is well known as a leading thermoformer of reusable packaging and plastic pallets.

Trienda export pallet shown at company website.

Trienda export pallet shown at company website.

The purchasing company, Trienda Holdings, is majority-owned by Kruger Family Holdings II, LLC. There are other minority owners, according to reports. Founded in 1975, TriEnda has roughly 140 employees. It was acquired by Spara in 2011, which changed the operation’s name to Lexington Logistics, and later to TriEnda Lexington Logistics.

The new management team is led by CEO John Brown, who is a shareholder of the new holding company. He said the new owners are committed to the material handling industry as well as the renewal of manufacturing in North America.

According to David Kruger, company president, the “customer-first mentality” of employees was a deciding consideration. “It’s hard to find a group of individuals who work so hard to meet the needs of their customers on a day‐to‐day basis,” Kruger said in a release. “The customer‐first mentality that is engrained in the culture here was a motivating factor in purchasing the operating assets.”

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