Reusable Pallet Containment Nets: an Interview with Gary Priestley of Gaprie

Gary Priestley

Reusable Packaging News recently reached out to Gary Priestley, the owner and director of Gaprie. In 2018, the company launched its latest product, P.C. Nets, an innovative and simple-to-use reusable pallet containment system that eliminates the need for plastic stretch or shrink wrap.


RPN: What’s important to know about Gaprie, the producer of P.C. Nets?

Priestley: Gaprie Ltd can help you get rid of single-use plastic shrink wrap for wrapping pallets and cut down on disposal costs. Established in 2008, Gaprie Ltd have been keeping workplaces and employees safe, helping you comply with legislation. We are a multi-faceted company specialising in the supply of safety nets, Elenet Safety Net systems for pallet racking and now our reusable pallet containment system, P.C.Nets.

Most recently, Gaprie have created a product that eliminates the need for single-use shrink wrap when transporting and storing goods at height, whilst keeping employee and customers safety in mind. This product comes at a perfect time as the world begins to take responsibility for the consumption of single-use plastic.


RPN: We are going to take a wild stab and guess that P.C. is not an abbreviation for “politically correct.” What is behind the P.C.?

Priestley: P.C.Net came from pallet containment, while we were tossing words/names around. We thought P.C.Net was a nice short, memorable name for our new product.

RPN: Why was it important for you to develop a reusable pallet containment product? When were they launched?

Priestley: We have been working on developing and launching our P.C.Net for nearly two years. We feel it is important to introduce environmentally friendly, reusable product to reduce plastic in our world.

Did you know that humans have made enough plastic since the Second World War to coat the entire world with stretch wrap? We at Gaprie are passionate about doing our part to save our planet.


RPN: How have P.C. Nets been received in the marketplace? What types of applications/supply chains have shown an interest in them?

Priestley: P.C.Nets have been received very well in the marketplace with companies such as Fonterra, DHL, supermarket D.C.s, We now supply to a wide range of industries, from coffee supplies, keeping large coffee sacks secure on pallets. Also for cheesemakers and keeping goods in chillers. Product movement around DCs is another use to avoid wrapping and re-wrapping.


RPN: What benefits do they offer compared to regular single-use wrap or strapping?

Priestley: With the cambuckle tie downs on the top, the P.C. Net can adjust up to 400mm in height so removing product is easy while keeping the rest of the products safe on the pallet Simply loosen tiedown, pull side of the net down the side and boxe(s) – take off one box or one layer from your pallet. Pull the net back into position, tighten straps and your goods are secured again–no need to re-wrap with more plastic. Costwise it only takes you having to re-wrap a pallet about 3-4 times before the PC net starts saving you money and they last for ages.


RPN: How are PC Nets applied and removed? How much space do they take up when not in use?-

Priestley: You simply pull down the P.C. Net over your goods. Secure to the bottom of the pallet with supplied snap hooks. Tighten the cambuckle tiedowns.  P.C. Nets do not take up much room when not in use. Simple follow install / removal instructions. They fold up to a small parcel. Store your spare P.C. Nets in a small area.


RPN: There are a lot of different sized pallets out there. How has P.C. Nets addressed the size issue? Is customised sizing available?

Priestley: P.C.Nets come in three pallet sizes – Euro ( 0.8m x 1.2m ), 1.0m x 1.2m & 1.2m x 1.2m. With three available heights – 1.4m, 1.0m, 0.500mm. They are all colour coded for ease of size recognition.  Custom sizes are available for independent business requirement. (MOQ may apply.)


RPN: Where do you currently ship, and what are your future plans for the product?

Priestley: We currently ship to N.Z., Australia, U.S.A. And about to start to U.K.


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