Reusable Packaging Vehicle Fill Calculator Now Covers 93 Models

Transport load fill

Maximizing the load utilization of transport equipment plays an important in reducing greenhouse gasses and cutting freight costs.

Schoeller Allibert has updated its contribution in this area through launching a new version of its vehicle fill calculator.  Schoeller Allibert developed the software to help customers reach maximum transport capacity to provide a more cost-effective and efficient use of vehicle space. With the update, the calculator now covers an effective 93 models from its market leading range of plastic returnable transit packaging (RTP) and all vehicle sizes with load lengths from 5m to a 13.6m standard trailer.

The latest innovation from Europe’s largest manufacturer of plastic RTP calculates the maximum number of containers that can be carried on both delivery and return journeys, meaning companies can save money and reduce carbon emissions by cutting the number of trips required.

“The introduction of the enhanced vehicle fill calculator confirms our dedication to providing customers with the most efficient, cost-saving and eco-friendly use of our extensive product range,” states Damian Gilbertson, Sales Director UK & Eire, at Schoeller Allibert. “We are dedicated to providing the best service and the easy-to-use calculator will help customers understand how to maximize their vehicle use and minimize the number of journeys.”

Users just enter their vehicles’ length and height, then select pallet size and container model, and the tool calculates the number of pallet spaces per vehicle and the number of totess per pallet – both when full and stacked for delivery and when empty and when nested or folded for the return trip.

Schoeller Allibert says the launch of the new vehicle fill calculator signals its commitment to providing customers with the most efficient service. The vehicle fill calculator also forms part of the company’s unique site survey, which is a full review of a client’s supply chain tailored to individual specifications.

Reusable transport packaging continues to provide companies with improved handling efficiencies and helps meet key environmental objectives through the reusability of trays and containers and protective qualities that prevent content damage. Schoeller Allibert’s RTP containers, found on the vehicle fill calculator, include its folding containers, stacking & nesting crates, attached lid containers and folding large containers.

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