Reusable Packaging Pavilion Makes Enduring Statement at PACK EXPO

The Reusable Packaging Pavilion was a terrific idea that gave reusable transport packaging an impressive look at PACK EXPO.

Banners placed strategically by PACK EXPO advertized the Pavilion, and its position at the entrance to the Lakeside Hall made it impossible for passers by to not embrace. In previous years, RPA members had been scattered. I used to log hours of walking in visiting all of the reusable container and pallet exhibitors. This was the first year that 13 RPA members located in the same area of the show. “It was a little worrisome at first, to be placed next to my competitors,” one RPA member told me. But he discovered that the synergistic approach helped drive booth attendance.

There were still some reusable packaging exhibitors such as LOMOLD scattered elsewhere in the show, but my mileage requirements were cut significantly. You would almost have a hunch that the RPA members know a thing or two about logistics, as well as branding and collaboration. Come to think of it, these are all crucial components of most any successful reusable packaging endeavor.

“I think we had a great show at PACK EXPO,” commented Jerry Welcome, President of the Reusable Packaging Association at the RPA Linked In group. “We met a lot of potential new members who didn’t know the RPA existed and we talked with many end users who seemed interested and eager to learn more about reusable packaging. Our Fundamentals of Reusable Packaging Workshop was a hit with 65+ attendees and our networking reception was also a great success. Thanks to all the RPA members who participated and we look forward to creating more opportunities like this in the future.”

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