Reusable Packaging News – ORBIS RPM Interview

So what do you say to people that may like the idea of reusables, but don’t think they will work for their application? This was one of the themes touched on recently when Reusable Packaging News connected with Albert Seecharan, recently named president of Reusable Packaging Management (RPM) at ORBIS Corporation.

Albert Seecharan

Albert Seecharan

I learned a lot about RPM during my interview, including that they operate a pallet pool for the beverage packaging sector. Bigger picture, reusable packaging management providers have the potential to keep on pushing out the demand curve for reusables as they continue to gain traction in higher complexity applications. Read more about ORBIS RPM.

Meanwhile in Europe, wood pallet and packaging suppliers say they will not have an issue complying with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) designed to curb the trade in illegal timber. As for wood pallet manufacturers, the UK pallet sector continues to weather a tough market and remain optimistic.

Also, I just finished watching some of the new Amatech reusable packaging educational videos that encourage packaging engineers to explore the return on investment of custom designed, returnable packaging while explaining the environmental impact of returnable and reusable packaging for lean manufacturing. If you haven’t seen them already, they are well worth checking out.

And Loadhog, the UK reusable packaging innovator has announced the sale of its versatile Loadhog Pally into the South African e-commerce supply chain. Finally, Pack Less, the innovative plastic pallet from Brazil continues to gain recognition.  Yes, that is the Pack Less shown at right. It is currently competing for the FINEP Innovation Award in Brazil.packless22


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