Re>Pal Indonesia is entering into a 5-year lease-to-own purchase agreement with Mondelez Philippines with the first purchase orders already received. Re>Pal manufactures plastic pallets from post-consumer plastic waste.As reported at the company website: “Another great brand name joins the Re>Pal client roster and shows the way that companies can transition from less sustainable pallets to Re>Pal’s 100% recycled plastic pallets. I’m delighted to welcome this contract with Mondelez Philippines, which is also the first EasyPay rental-style agreement that offers clients an easier entry point to Re>Pal and gives Re>Pal a smoother profile of client cashflows and higher margins over a longer period.”Re>Pal also announced that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a trial of waste with a view to signing if the testing is successful, a long-term purchase agreement with PT Aalborg Industrie Indonesia a Jakarta based company.

Pak Tenno Sujarwanto commented, “Aalborg is looking forward to working with Re-Pal in developing our plastic waste recycling abilities, some plastic waste we process will become syngas and gasoline using Aalborg technology and some plastic waste we send to Re-Pal to process into plastic pallets. Industrial-scale recycling is only just starting in Indonesia. More than 60 tonnes of plastic potential per day will be sent to Re>Pal under a long-term purchase agreement; one of the first agreements for this type of material in the country.

“We see a lot of opportunity in developing our waste management program with West Java, Central Java, and Jakarta Governments. Aalborg is looking forward to working with our partners to help the government realize its plans to remove a substantial amount of plastic waste from our land, rivers, and oceans.”