Reusable Packaging News: Bankruptcy Court Critical of iGPS Sale, Social Media for B2B for Reusables – Does It Make Sense

This week we look at the continued saga of iGPS, as well as the long overdue topic of reusables and social media. While social media to aid consumers in a relatively spontaneous buy is one thing, does is really add any value to someone looking to purchase a new reusable packaging system? Finally, we also look at food waste in the supply chain, and the role for secondary and tertiary packaging.

The iGPS proposed sale received  critical comments on its $49 million price sticker from U.S. Trustee Roberta A. DeAngelis of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court,  as saying she believes the Debtor’s assets may have substantially greater value than indicated.”  She also criticized the “overly aggressive timing” and fees associated with the proposed sale.  While iGPS secured an offer worth $49 million plus assumed liabilities from the purchasing group, the Chapter 11 filing earlier in June estimated its assets as ranging between between $100 million and $500 million in value.  Read more.

Juli Anne Patty explores the topic of social media and B2B marketing for businesses in the reusable packaging and pallet space. Sure it makes sense for consumer sales, and she argues that it is also increasingly important for businesses as well. Read more on social media and B2B marketing.

Food waste in the supply chain comes under the microscope with a study from RMIT University Centre for Design, sponsored by CHEP Australia. The report looks at the challenges and proposes a range of opportunities for improvement, including some discussion of reusable packaging and fractional display pallets. Read more.

Bosal has reduced the need for repackaging its exhaust systems and is enjoying better cube utilization since switching to a reusable plastic packaging system offered by CHEP Automotive & Industrial. Read more.

Finally, CAPS has moved to a larger headquarters to accommodate its ongoing growth. It will be colocating with CHEP Automotive & Industrial. Read more.




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