Reusable Packaging: LINPAC Allibert Announces New RTP Buy-Back Plan

Global materials handling specialist LINPAC Allibert has launched a major initiative to encourage recycling and deliver cash benefits to its customers.  It expects to see thousands of unwanted and unused returnable transit packaging (RTP) containers turned into cash and then recycled and returned to the market.

There are more than 200 million units of RTP in circulation in Europe. Designed to be durable and long-lasting, much of this stock has an average useful life of around seven years. However, as customers’ needs change and RTP becomes unsuitable for current use, or is damaged, it often sits in storage – providing little or no value and in some cases even costing businesses money for storage.

The LINPAC Allibert Buy-Back scheme will operate in a similar way to a part-exchange system. Customers will not only receive cash for a written-down asset – giving it a value on their profit and loss account – but the scheme will also benefit the environment as this old stock is recycled.  Customers will be able to use the cash to upgrade their stock by buying new containers from LINPAC Allibert, or if the new containers are acquired on a lease, then there is no upfront payment – meaning a fresh new fleet of top quality RTP will be immediately cash-positive.

Simon Knights, Commercial Director at LINPAC Allibert, explains:  “We are very excited by this opportunity to deliver real financial benefits to our clients. As a company that is constantly innovating and bringing new products to market, we believe this service will enable customers to take advantage of the latest designs with minimal outlay.

“The decision to introduce the new service has been very much driven by our customers. We have listened closely to what they have to say and they’ve told us they want a viable and beneficial solution to the issue of what to do with RTP once it is no longer serviceable.

“As a company we already use a large amount of recycled material. Such experience makes us ideally placed to put together the Buy-Back service and help us achieve considerable savings for our customers at a time when they need to make the most of their financial and supply chain resources.

“With this offer we will be providing a solution that will really work well.  It will turn a burden into an asset that can make a tangible difference to the balance sheet.  It will also clear valuable storage space and return resources into the system so they can be re-used.”

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