Reusable packaging company, TOSCA LTD., welcomed into Green Tier Program

TOSCA LTD., a Green Bay-based business that manages and services pools of returnable containers, has joined the Green Tier ranks of Wisconsin companies committed to exceeding the standards for environmental regulations.

Secretary Cathy Stepp of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources congratulated company officials, commending them for their commitment to continually improve environmental performance.

DNR officials formally welcomed TOSCA LTD. of Green Bay, Wisconsin into Green Tier. TOSCA LTD. services and manages returnable and reusable containers. As a Green Tier participant they will continue to enhance their environmental efforts. From left, Greg Gorski, TOSCA LTD., VP of Operations; DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp; John Frey, TOSCA LTD., President; Curt Dhein, TOSCA LTD., Plant Manager; Gregg Breese, DNR Cooperative Environmental Assistance; and Marcy McGrath, DNR, Waste Management Specialist.

“TOSCA LTD. is a great example of a company that works hard not only at improving its own environmental performance but in so doing impacts the sustainability of its customers as well,” said Stepp. “We are pleased that TOSCA is joining other Green Tier participants that are both environmentally and economically-minded.”

During a ceremony located at the company’s headquarters in Green Bay, DNR administrators joined employees in celebrating the plant’s accomplishments and its commitment to a greener, more sustainable economy.

“We have been practicing many green concepts for years just because they made economic sense,” noted Greg Gorski, TOSCA LTD.’s Vice-President of Operations. “We are thrilled to be recognized as Green Tier, and believe participation in this program is a competitive advantage which reflects our core values and commitment to our customers, our planet, and our team members.”

TOSCA started as a returnable and reusable container business more than fifty years ago when it sorted, cleaned, and refurbished cheese barrels for the Wisconsin dairy industry. Since that time, TOSCA has become the world’s largest supplier of American-style cheese manufacturing containers, while expanding product lines and services to the beer, fresh produce, and meat industries. By creating processes that maintain, reuse, and repair many types of containers, TOSCA keeps containers in service and out of landfills. When a container is eventually taken out of use, plastic parts go to plastic brokers for recycling into new products. When wood panels from TOSCA’s cheese boxes reach their end of life, they are re-purposed by a beehive manufacturer.
TOSCA has made many environmentally beneficial changes at their facility including:

* Installed energy saving lighting fixtures, programmable thermostats, timers, and variable speed drives on exhaust fans;
* Reduced the temperature on a dryer 30 degrees without increasing dry time;
* Reformulated paint to make the paint stripping process significantly less caustic and to drastically reduce VOC emissions;
* Insulated steam and condensate pipes to reduce heat loss and conserve natural gas; and
* Modified water system in keg repair operation which conserves 1,500,000 gallons of water each year.

As part of their commitment to continually pursue environmental excellence, TOSCA’s Green Team is developing an Environmental Management System. The team identifies targets and goals that will expand on current initiatives and identify new opportunities. The Plan-Do-Check-Act process which for them includes monitoring water, electricity, and natural gas consumption will help reduce their resource use.

Green Tier is a program aimed towards rewarding environmentally responsible businesses in Wisconsin, and the first program of its type in the nation. Qualified businesses and associations make legal commitments to superior environmental performance through agreements with the DNR. In exchange, these businesses are given incentives to achieve superior environmental performance. Green Tier makes it easier for good environmental actors to perform even better, allowing the DNR to focus its resources on facilities that are not meeting environmental requirements.

More information on Green Tier is available on the DNR website or the TOSCA LTD., website

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