Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) Defines Key Initiatives

The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) has defined its key initiatives for 2011 to help create more value for its members, promote the value of reusable packaging to a broader audience, and strengthen the association.

“The RPA made significant progress in 2010,” said Jerry Welcome, President, RPA. “Some of the highlights were an increase in membership, a very successful Pavilion and workshop at PACK EXPO, and a new interactive website that provides a broad array of industry information and resources related to reusable packaging. This year, we are building on our past success, and strengthening our value and broadening our audience to have an even stronger impact.”

The RPA adopted numerous tactics in support of its goals. The work will be accomplished through the efforts of the RPA committees. The tactics include:

· Completing Phase II – Acceptance – of the Reusable Packaging Curriculum. In 2010, the RPA completed Phase I – Understanding – of its four-part curriculum. The remaining two phases – Implementation and Refinement – will be completed by the end of 2012.
· Creating a library of presentations, case studies and other vehicles that promote the value of reusable packaging.
· Engaging industry experts by creating new working relationships with academia, public policy and industry experts to promote reuse as a core sustainability strategy in the years ahead.
· Developing strong working relationships with influential industry and governmental groups that drive the demand for reusable products and services.
· Updating the RPA Strategic Plan to better reflect the changing industry.
· Strengthening RPA’s ability to affect important legislative, regulatory and standards which could impact members’ businesses.
· Begin efforts to compile reliable data about the reusable packaging industry.

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