Reusable Packaging Association Launches Switch, Save + Sell Campaign Promoting the Value of Reusable Transport Packaging in Food Applications

New website,, to serve as the central platform to communicate the total supply chain performance advantages of reusable transport packaging (RTP)

Reusable packaging switch save & sell

Tampa, FL (May 2, 2018). The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) has launched a new campaign promoting the value of reusable transport packaging systems for the movement of food from farm, producer, or processor to point of sale. The campaign demonstrates how food distribution can be more efficient, effective, and sustainable in a reusable packaging system, generating positive top line, bottom line, and environmental results.

Transport packaging built for today’s supply chain

Reusable packaging has a long history of effective use for the transport of food, and modern product technologies and supply chain operations are enabling increasing opportunities for reuse. “Reusable Transport Packaging is today’s way to move product,” said Tim Debus, RPA President & CEO. “Everyone in the supply chain, from farm to retail, is laser-focused on driving consumer satisfaction, shopper loyalty, and profitable growth in a way that is sustainable and minimizes environmental impact. End-to-end and back again, RTP supports these goals. It is today’s way to save and today’s way to sell.”

Debus emphasized on a call that reusable transport packaging is an approach that is perfectly aligned with today’s supply chain priorities. “The outlook for the future is so promising for reusable packaging,” he told RPN. “We wanted to convey that reusable packaging is todays way to move product, and today’s way to save. You’ll see that on the website.”

If it has been five years since evaluating reusable packaging, it is worth taking a fresh look

By shining a light on reusables, the RPA hopes to underscore the advances that are constantly ongoing in the area of reusable packaging products and services. For people who have evaluated reusable packaging in the past, even five years ago, would do well to undertake a fresh analysis. “For all of those people who have looked at reusable packaging for their company in the past, take a second look at it now,” Debus encouraged, noting the plethora of new product and service offerings. 

The campaign will initially feature perishable food commodities, highlighting the use of reusable plastic containers (RPCs) in fresh produce, egg, and meat supply chains. “Temperature control and product protection are unique and critical requirements for perishable foods. RPCs excel at both, delivering superior quality in the marketplace. Designed and built for transport, display, safety, and over a hundred uses each, RPCs protect quality, reduce cost, and eliminate waste,” added Debus.

New website provides information hub, tells the reusable packaging story

At launch, the Switch, Save + Sell campaign includes and a downloadable brochure. The website serves to consolidate key messages and supporting facts from across the industry to help tell the reusable packaging story in the fast-changing and complex business of food packaging and distribution. As the core of a comprehensive outreach program to increase awareness of the reuse opportunity, and to inform and inspire adoption of reusable transport packaging across industries, the campaign is extendable across categories and commodities, as well as communication formats and venues.

“RPA member companies are experts at developing and implementing reuse solutions that optimize total supply chain performance and impact,” said Debus. “This campaign leverages the collective expertise of the membership to stimulate more thinking about reuse as the preferred approach to transport packaging, not only for food, but for virtually any product that moves in commerce.”

“One of things we felt as an industry is that we could come together and take all of the information that is available, and allow it to be hosted on one site that could really tell the story about reusable packaging,” Debus concluded.  “We believed it would be a valuable role for the RPA in our mission to promote reusables.” We couldn’t agree more.

About the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA). RPA is a non-profit trade organization representing and advocating the common business interests of member suppliers, users, and service providers of reusable packaging systems.  RPA promotes the use and value of reusable transport packaging, which offers product quality, economic, and environmental benefits to supply chains.  For more information, visit the RPA website at