Reusable Packaging – Amatech Steel Racks Improve Product Protection and Safety While Lowering Overall Cost

Reusable Steel RackMajor automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as other industries, are now using Amatech’s customizable, returnable steel racks and carts as the new standard for product protection and safety for returnable packaging, according to a release by the company. Such racks and carts are fully customizable to meet any product’s needs and specifications. Because of their superior protection and safety benefits, Amatech steel racks are becoming a preferred choice for Class A product shipping. As a one-stop shop for customizable, returnable steel racks and carts, Amatech is able to provide quick quote and prototyping services to deliver products on time and to specifications.

Returnable steel rack

Amatech’s customizable, returnable steel racks and carts provide numerous advantages over expendable packaging. Along with the elimination of expendable packaging waste, other product benefits include improved product protection and employee safety along with a reduction in overall costs, shipping weights and storage needs. Competitive pricing and quick turnaround make Amatech steel racks a cost-effective and time-efficient returnable packaging solution.

Amatech has designed customized steel racks for more than 20 years and handles all aspects of steel rack development and implementation. Services include quick quote turnaround, virtual model design, prototyping, water jet cutting and industry leading customer service. Amatech steel racks integrate Coroplast corrugated plastic, foam, bags and pouches to separate parts and meet all outbound work-in-progress shipping specifications and inbound storage needs. Additional features include custom rack hitches; laminated rolled edges, which create dunnage with sealed, smooth edges to eliminate the risk of scratching; dust covers and stackable, forklift-ready designs to provide safer product handling and more efficient storage.

“We design, develop and fabricate steel racks for an array of industries including automotive, cabinetry, textiles, manufacturing and more. Amatech steel racks are fully customizable to meet all specifications and handle everything from heavy cast iron to lightweight parts,” says Jay Amatangelo, Amatech’s Director of Business Development.

In addition to improved product protection and safety, Amatech steel racks are also fully recyclable, allowing companies to save money and go green.Steel Rack Dunnage-1

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