Reusable Packaging Association Launches New Website, Including Reusables Marketplace

New digital presence includes an online marketplace for reusables

reusables market2


The Reusable Packaging Association has launched an exciting new website at What’s different? For starters, this is a very streamlined site, without a lot of clutter. “We want to be very concise on the work we are doing and value we bring,” explains Tim Debus, RPA’s President and CEO.

The site is organized in three key categories, including the Reusables Marketplace, Event and Trade Shows, and Reusables Library, which includes case studies, member news, food safety resources, reports and data, as well as an introduction to reusable packaging. There is also an About Us section which introduces staff, the Board, and committee work.

Also noteworthy, there is also a Members Only section, which I always find intriguing at any website where I do not have access. What’s back there?  There is more premium content, Debus says, including data and committee reports. This information is offered exclusively to members.

Regarding what is new, the Reusables Marketplace stands out. Previously, RPA just offered a member list. It wasn’t a good way to capture the diversity across the supply chain in terms of products, services, and markets, Debus notes. The new Marketplace is searchable with respect to product categories (19), services (12) and industries (13), to help potential buyers quickly find best-in-class providers for the reusable packaging products and services required. RPA members fitting the requirements of the search criteria are revealed as an outcome of the search.

The search results are limited to RPA providers. While RPA is looking to promote the reusable packaging industry, is also looking to add value to its members by promoting their businesses. “We are excited about being a central product directory,” Debus says.

To check out the new website, visit