Star Power Marketing and Reusables: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Helps Green The Laundry

Reusable packaging doesn;t usually draw much star power, or end up on The View, but was before the Green Garmento, the eco-friendly all-in-one reusable drycleaning and laundry bag. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of The Jersey Shore television show has partnered with the company, according to a release from the Green Garmento.

To maintain his signature six-pack and style, Sorrentino lives by the motto “GTL”: Gym, Tan, Laundry. Thanks to his new partnership with The Green Garmento™, GTL now also means “Green The Laundry.”

Here’s how it works: The Green Garmento starts as a hamper bag for soiled clothes, turns into a duffel bag for carrying the clothes to the laundry or drycleaner, and for the trip back home transforms into a hanging garment bag to protect cleaned clothes — without a single plastic bag in sight!

The best part: the official Situation GTL Green Garmento has a custom logo designed, commissioned by and especially for ‘The Situation.’ “There’s nothing sexy about plastic bags,” says Sorrentino.

Using The Green Garmento and asking for your drycleaning ‘naked’ — without the single-use plastic bags, shoulder covers and twist-ties — is a simple and easy lifestyle change that helps cut down on the estimated 300,000,000 pounds of drycleaning plastic that ends up in US landfills and waterways each year. Now that deserves a fist pump.

The official Situation GTL Green Garmento, offered in black night or green grass for $11.99, is exclusively available at and will soon be carried in select retailers, gyms and tanning salons across the country.

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