Reusable Industrial Packaging Association Elects New Chair and Officers for 2020 – 2021

Rockville, MD. – Mr. Michael Bank, CEO, Containerbuyers, Inc. has been elected Chair of the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association. He will formally take office on January 1, 2020. Bank is a 4th generation member of the association and has been active in the group for four decades, serving on the Board, the Executive Committee and in various other roles.

Mike Banks
Source: LinkedIn

RIPA is a North American trade association representing the interests of businesses engaged in the reconditioning, remanufacture and manufacture of industrial packagings, including steel, plastic and fiber drums, as well as intermediate bulk containers. The group recently celebrated 78 years of service to the industry. RIPA is also a founding member of the International Confederation of Container Reconditioners, which represents the industry in various international regulatory and standards organizations.

The RIPA Board of Directors also elected Mr. Tim O’Bryan, Vice President, O’Bryan Barrels, Inc., and Mr. Barry Wingard, Director, Container Life Cycle Management, Inc., to serve as the group’s Vice-Chair and Treasurer, respectively.

“I am deeply honored to have been elected to the Chair and I am truly looking forward to serving the association and all of its member companies during the next two years,” said Bank, whose grandfather was a founding member of the group.

Looking ahead, Bank believes the association will play an increasingly vital role in both North American and international packaging issues during the next two years. “Corporations around the world are focusing increasingly on sustainability and Circular Economy strategies that emphasize packaging reuse,” says Bank. “Since members of RIPA and ICCR are global leaders in reuse strategies, one of my top priorities will be to expand the visibility of our work in this area and create meaningful partnerships with container users around the world.”

Bank is assuming the RIPA Chair at a time of significant industry consolidation and transformation. “In less than a generation, RIPA has evolved from a group comprised of more than 110 family-owned businesses to one that represents both family businesses and several global companies,” notes Bank. “RIPA has navigated this transformation successfully because we have focused on our core responsibilities, which include effective representation in Congress and key federal agencies, member education, and high-quality meetings.”

Mike Bank is the second member of his family to Chair the association. His father, Eliot Bank, chaired the group from 1987 to 1990 and was the recipient of Morris Hershson Award of Merit, which goes to an individual who has contributed significantly to the betterment of the reconditioning industry. His son, Brock, works with Mike and is the 5th generation of the family to be a part of the reconditioning business. “I am privileged to be following in my dad’s footsteps, and I am particularly happy that both he and Brock were on hand to witness my election to the Chair.”