Reusable HDPE Runner/Spacer System Serves Sheet Metal Shipments

A new reusable runner or spacer system has been launched to better serve the shipping of sheet metal product.

Tree Brand Packaging, Charlotte, N.C., has introduced the TRU-RAIL Returnable Support Packaging (RSP) system.  In contrast to a conventional wooden skid or platform, TRU-RAIL runners or spacers are utilized individually for flexible placement to support bundled sheet product.  Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE engineered plastic resins to provide greater dimensional stability and long service life, TRU-RAIL runners can be flexibly placed to best support bundled sheet materials.

TRU-RAIL RSP is available in either ‘solid’ or ‘hollow’ versions for both transit or in-house service.   Design options are determined by the load capacity and bundle requirements of the application.  Both ‘solid’ and ‘hollow’ styles can be ordered to fit the length of sheet product, and the unit load being built.  Additionally, TRU-RAIL may be custom-branded or labeled to facilitate returnability.

Manufactured from non-absorbent plastic material, TRU-RAIL runners are free of splinters and exposed fasteners, as well as being moistre and oil resistant.  Additional benefits are said to include the elimination for excess paper packaging, as These features eliminate the need for excess paper packaging, as well as elimination of solid waste related to disposable wood dunnage. Storage space is also more efficient for the TRU-RAIL product versus empty wood pallets.

For more information, visit Tree Brand Packaging.

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