Reusable Fish Boxes Reduce Costs for Local Businesses

PPS East, formerly known as TFA Box Company with over 25 years experience servicing the needs of the fishing industry have seen their rental business for reusable plastic fish boxes grow by as much as 30 percent over the last year. Anyone associated with Grimsby Fish Auction Market would instantly recognise the yellow fish boxes which PPS East have been supplying for many years.

As in many industries, fish suppliers and processors have looked to save costs and reduce their waste packaging by replacing such items as ‘single use’ polystyrene boxes, which have been traditionally used as carriers for their fish. As a result, the demand for PPS East services have grown inline with its turnover as they offer companies expert advice, a range of quality returnable plastic crates and a total service to include rental, online asset management, collection and hygienic wash of the rental pool to BRC accreditation.

As today’s modern transport companies deliver fresh fish in refrigerated vehicles to and from temperature controlled places, there isn’t always a need for polystyrene boxes used primarily to keep fish chilled in the supply chain.

Kate Williamson PPS East commented, “Where possible, we have introduced returnable plastic fish boxes into ‘closed loop’ supplies. These boxes are delivered to fish suppliers throughout Europe and then, complete with fresh product, these are forwarded on to seafood processors, such as the large fish businesses we have in Grimsby. PPS East retrieve the used boxes to hygienically clean them at their BRC accredited washing site based on Estate Road 6, following which, they are returned back into the loop for further use.

These plastic fish boxes not only reduce the high volume of unwanted packaging waste – that can be visible to see on the dock area and Riby Street, but more importantly, they also save customers money. For over 90% of the customers PPS quote, the price is significantly less than buying single-trip polystyrene boxes.

PPS East can supply and wash most types of plastic packaging, whether it is small fillet trays, bulk bins, salmon boxes, crates for defrosting and freezing or even plastic pallets. Whatever the customer requires PPS East will source and provide the same service. They are enthusiastic in making sure local businesses receive as much help to reduce their packaging waste and costs as possible.”

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