Reusable Fish Box Supplier Launches Line of Innovative Smaller Sized Containers

Re-Fresh range of containers from PPS East offers innovative resealable lids, right sizing for retail counter and institutional sales, common footprint for stacking efficiency and design for nestable return.

Securely stacks on pallets

The new Re-Fresh range offers a common footprint, and smaller volumes suitable for retail fish counter and institutional sales.


Refresh reuseable lidded boxes

An industry first, the resealable lid lasts up to 10 years. Boxes are nesable.

It was hard to keep a “lid” on the excitement in Brussels when reusable seafood packaging supplier PPS East launched its new Re-Fresh range of innovative new reusable fish boxes at the world’s largest seafood trade fair. Interest in the new line was overwhelming, according to the company.

Called Re-Fresh, the new fish boxes are offered in 3kg and 6kg sizing, featuring resealable leak-proof lids (patent pending design). The lid’s tight seal prevents the leakage of liquids, yet can be easily removed upon opening.

Both new boxes enjoy the same footprint size while at different heights, so they can be stacked collectively and palletized together. The capability of stacking the sturdy boxes high when full, in combination with the ability to nest the empty boxes, results in substantially lower transport costs.

Compared to one-trip boxes for shipping fish, customers can achieve a powerful reduction in packaging waste while reducing their carbon footprint. PPS states that its Re-Fresh boxes are a world first with respect to their ability to be resealed and continue to function as leak-proof containers for up to a decade. The boxes are recyclable after their useful life.

PPS offers both sale or rental of boxes to customers, depending upon the customer and the specifics of the supply chain application. PPS offers box delivery, pickup and hygienic washing services, as well as online tracking through its internet based tracking system, Enable™, to provide traceability and better asset control.

“Thanks to the support of the North East Lincolnshire Council and RGF grant aid, we are so proud to have been able to develop and manufacture a totally new type of reusable fish box,” comments Kate Williamson, Business Development Manager for PPS East. “These small lidded boxes can be reused and resealed so are great for sending fish straight into the supermarkets, for food service suppliers and into restaurants.

“Now that we have the boxes, I would love for a ‘forward-thinking’ seafood processor or retailer to allow us to trial the boxes through their supply-chain so we can measure exactly how much packaging waste, carbon and money can be saved by changing to the Re-Fresh boxes!”

The move by PPS to over the smaller size fish boxes with lids followed months of careful analysis. The company has supplied 50kg plastic boxes to the Humber fish auction markets since 1986, and subsequently rolled out 15kg and 25 kg sizes to meet the needs of fish suppliers in the UK, Iceland, France and Norway.

In recent years, PPS identified an interest for smaller box sizes such as 2/3kg and 5/6kg for shipment directly to retail fish counter sales, food service businesses for hotels, restaurant deliveries and also for transporting fish by road, sea and air from around Europe to be processed. After exploring the need with its customers, PPS applied for Regional Growth Funding from North East Lincolnshire Council, the local authority for the Grimsby area.

The reusable packaging provider received an RGF grant for 70 percent of the small fish box project, with £140,000 provided for the design, development and the manufacturing of the injection moulding steel tool for the production of prototype boxes. Following successful testing and refinements, the new boxes were branded as ‘Re-Fresh’,  standardized on 3kg and 6kg in a patent pending design, including a brand new re-sealable leak-proof type lid for each box.