Reusable Dunnage and the Case of Ace Manufacturing

Here is hypothetical case study showing the benefits of a reusable dunnage program, reproduced with permission of Paylode.


Ace Manufacturing purchases cardboard dunnage and throws it away after one use. This continues year-after-year, and while it’s a great business for the dunnage company, is it sensible for the shipper? Is there a case for Ace to buy reusable plastic dunnage?

Let’s begin by reviewing three important issues:
1. Plastic dunnage looks expensive compared to cardboard – at first sight
2. It may be treated as a capital item – more hoops, more approvals, more time
3. The good news? It’s returnable. The bad news? It’s returnable. There’s a cost to get it back.

Read the complete Ace Manufacturing Case Study.

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