Reusable Containers: IFCO Renews RPC Agreements with DENNREE and WEILING in Germany

Leading German organic produce wholesalers DENNREE and WEILING have signed long term agreements with IFCO to become their Reusable Packaging Service Provider for fruits and vegetables.

“The RPC line STECO Fresh Box provides us an environmentally friendly packaging system for the organic sector,” said Petra Renner, DENNREE’s Purchasing Director fruits and vegetables. “DENNREE has been making use of these advantages since more than 10 years. IFCO’s European wide and national infrastructure and service competence were the determining factor for our decision in regard of this long lasting partnership.”

“The STECO Fresh Box is “the organic box” in the German organic market,” added Sascha Hinkes, WEILING’s Purchasing Director fruits and vegetables. “WEILING relies on this ecological reusable packaging system and still wants to benefit from IFCO’s full service competences on the national and European scale.”

Michael Meierhofer, Managing Director of IFCO Germany, commented, “We are very pleased that DENNREE and WEILING have selected IFCO as their RPC service provider and are committed to deliver environmentally friendly logistic services to the organic produce wholesale market in Germany. These agreements underscore our market position as leading RPC service provider in the organic sector.”

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