Reusable Container System for Sensitive Medical Equipment

Hardy-Graham was called upon to provide a reusable shipping solution for a piece of sensitive medical equipment – a technically sophisticated and fragile heart monitor manufactured in Finland. Hardy Graham was tasked with developing a specialized container system for ensuring its safe delivery for demonstrations throughout the U.S. as the manufacturer sought to break into the North American market. Of note, the manufacturer explicitly required that it sought to minimize unpacking time as it toured the U.S.

To properly secure and protect the device for safe and easy loading, shipment and unloading, Hardy Graham designed a pallet with a saddle for the machine to sit on, affording room and protection for its casters. The containers were also reinforced with padding of etha-foam that fitted snugly and safely around the device, ensuring security in the event of bumps, vibrations or other threats to its integrity. Finally, the lid of the container was created to also serve as a ramp for easily negotiating the unloading and loading of the heart monitor.

reusable shipping containerMedical professionals and sales people were able to easily move the shipped device to a location, unpack it and roll the device from its container for the demonstration. When finished with the demonstration, the Heart Monitor could be rolled back into its container, repackaged and moved on to a new destination. The Heart Monitor was able to safely complete its journey without internal or cosmetic damage.

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