Reusable BioCarrier Offers Temperature-Controlled Solution for Samples and Medicines

Intelsius Introduces Reusable Courier Transit Case.

Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions has announced the launch of BioCarrier(TM), specifically designed for local courier routes and multiple site sample collections.

“This is a regulatory compliant solution rather than couriers carrying samples or medicines from clinic to clinic or pharmacy to pharmacy in picnic coolers.”” says David Walsh, CEO, Intelsius.biocarrier

BioCarrier cases are designed to provide regular route, multiple site sample collection and “home visit” temperature-sensitive injectable drug protection. The rugged polymer outer with the expanded polypropylene (EPP) insulated liner maintains payload integrity at 2-8 degrees Celsius for 12 hours plus or when using dry ice up to 18 hours. All three sizes are regulatory compliant with pre-printed UN3373 labels for the shipment of Category B biological samples.

“The rigid, durable, regulatory compliant marked outer cases feature a clasp closure allowing the lid to be secured and the cases to be stacked and locked together, making them an Intelsius exclusive,” says Alex Roskoss, Intelsius European head of technical services. Cases are ergonomically designed specifically for couriers to enable safe, comfortable, compliant transportation around the corner or across the city. Its discreet design keeps the contents confidential.

“Keeping people safe while samples or medicines are being transported around town is the primary reason for creating the BioCarrier line of products,” comments Walsh. Intelsius serves a wide range of organizations, including government agencies, leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and clinical research industries to major laboratories.

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  1. John Coleman says:

    Please give me a call asap if you provide rental services for +2 to +8C shipping boxes. The inner size we would need is 40 x 40 x 40 cm

    +46 70 7324338

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