Reusable Bags and Lead: Public Relations Challenge for Reusables?

Reuse of shopping bags doesn’t have a whole lot to do with reusable transport packaging, including of course pallets, or does it?

Packaging reuse is a mindset, and it starts at home, and it starts with the experience of children. Successful reuse of items such as shopping bags, I would submit, is potentially a powerful tool in eventually shaping a culture that understands and embraces the wider use of reusables – and hopefully more reusable transport packaging.

This is why I’m watching with interest how the current reusable shopping bag situation is being handled – hopefully in a manner that restores and builds upon customer commitment through transparent 3rd party testing and orderly recalls, if warranted.

In this regard, Sears Canada and Lululemon have both now announced reusable bag recalls.

The bags, sold this year by Sears, contain levels of lead that do not meet Sears standards, the chain says. It is asking customers to return them for a refund in the interests of consumer safety. Lululemon, a yoga gear retailer, said in its recall that while using the bags poses no risk to consumers, there are environmental concerns surrounding proper disposal.

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