Reusable Asset Loss Infographic, Rehrig Pacific Launches Asset Loss Microsite

We recently posted an excellent article from Rehrig Pacific entitled 500 Million Good Reasons to Get a Better Handle on Reusable Asset Loss. Following up on that theme, Rehrig Pacific has created a brilliant yet refreshingly simple infographic on the same topic. Click on the image below to see it in higher resolution.

I really like the three solutions outlined at the bottom. It goes without saying that controlling reusables through technology is important. But it isn’t just about the technology when it comes to slamming the door on asset disappearance. For retail losses of reusables, two of the most powerful steps available are to secure empty reusables in a protected area, and to ensure that delivery personnel are an integral part of the solution rather than the problem in terms of reusable pallet and container control.

See the infographic below, and check out Rehrig Pacific’s new asset loss microsite at


         (click on infographic to expand)

infographic RPCs