ReturSystem Helps Swedish Grocery Industry Avoid 100 Million Disposable Containers Annually

Before the Swedish grocery industry launched Retursystem, its collaborative pool of reusable containers and pallets, retail store staff spent considerable time managing and disposing of the packaging after stocking the goods.

Times have changed. This year marks 10 years since Retursystem shipped its first reusable container,  a decade in which the system has aided industry in avoiding the use of 600 million disposable containers – currently 100 million annually, according to Conny Swahn, marketing manager at Retursystem.

“An impressive performance that grows by the day, the system of returnable crates is now so large that the annual saving of disposable packaging is more than 100 million pieces, “said Swahn.

“Our focus is for the consumer products supply chain to be as effective and as green as possible,” Swahn added. To celebrate its 10th year, the company has sent out a few gilded containers. Lucky finders will win a prize.

Check out the RetursystemRetursystem returnable container and pallet system video, including the lightweight rackable plastic pallets.


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