Returnity’s Reusable Packaging E-commerce Solution Embraced by Four Innovative Brands

Hyber, Borobabi, FreshlySet, and Storytime Utilize Sustainable Solution to Shipping Packaging Waste Designed by Returnity

Returnity reusable e-commerce packaging

Borobabi, a fully circular ecosystem for 100% organic baby, toddler, and maternity fashion retail, is one of four new e-commerce customers now using reusable packaging from Returnity.

Brooklyn, New York – Returnity has been tapped by Hyber, Borobabi, FreshlySet, and Storytime to design and manufacture customized reusable shipping packaging for each of the rental and subscription e-commerce services. The brands are the most recent additions to the growing list of companies prioritizing sustainable shipping practices with Returnity.

Storytime is an unlimited book subscription service that provides parents with highly curated books to create meaningful conversations with their children, with a wide variety of themes to address issues that matter most to parents and their children. Freshly Set is a tabletop rental service offering an online catalog of tablecloths and accessories from top designer brands, delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep. Borobabi is a fully circular ecosystem for 100% organic baby, toddler, and maternity fashion retail, partnering with the highest quality brands that, like them, have sustainability at the core of their values and business operations. Hyber is a fixed monthly subscription service that allows members to rent children’s clothes without worrying about wear and tear or outgrowing products.

Returnity is the leader in implementing reusable shipping packaging, designing and manufacturing cost-effective and lightweight boxes and bags that are disrupting the wasteful, expensive, and environmentally harmful shipping packaging market. The company helps companies eliminate defunct cardboard boxes and poly mailer bags, reducing packaging expenses, providing a financial return, improved user experience, and significant reductions in resource consumption. Returnity builds out the solutions and empowers the broader systems necessary for companies to shift to the new circular economy.

“In New York City alone, deliveries consume 3.6 million trees worth of cardboard each year, enough to box the Empire State Building once every four hours,” said Louisa Freeman, Head of Business Development at Returnity Innovations. “We feel strongly that reusables create value for both companies and the planet, which makes it all the more exciting to see Hyber, Borobabi, FreshlySet, and Storytime take that step to embrace the new circular economy.”

“Returnity packaging cuts waste, lowers overall packaging expenses, and wins the doorstep experience,” added Mike Newman, CEO at Returnity.  “Reusable packaging tells a story to the client’s customers that they are innovative and forward-thinking and care about their impact. The unboxing moment is often the only physical engagement point a brand will have with its customers, and our packaging makes it a distinct one.”

Innovative circular models support reusable packaging applications

“These new clients are all excellent examples of the innovation in circular-economy business models that have been growing across a variety of product and customer segments,” stated Newman. “For each, customers will eventually return the goods they receive, and the packaging becomes the convenient mechanism for that return. Returnity develops packaging that is so simple to use – and clean – that partners can efficiently redeploy returned packaging independently. For non-circular clients, we are now managing the return, cleaning, and sterilization of packaging prior to redeployment.”

Returnity guarantees its packaging for 40 shipments a  number based upon the millions of shipments that have already occurred in the company’s bags and boxes. The packaging is typically repairable – but Returnity executes a cost/benefit analysis with the client first to determine if recycling and replacement is the better financial and environmental choice.

The core components of the packaging are recyclable and made from recycled content. “We continue to innovate to make the packaging more durable and easier to recycle,” Newman continued. “This summer we will launch a fully reimagined approach to our boxes – making them stronger, 25% lighter, more durable, and also eliminating the most challenging materials for recycling.”

Coronavirus has created challenges and opportunities in reusable packaging

The spread of the coronavirus has created challenges and opportunities in reusable packaging that are only just coming into focus, Newman reported. “Returnity is proud to be working with clients to develop first to market solutions for antimicrobial properties in reusable packaging – and to integrate reusables into grocery and restaurant delivery to keep customers and employees safe,” he said. “Those programs will be going live later this summer.”

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