Returnity Innovations Converts Two New Companies to Reusable Shipping Packaging

SweatStyle and CampRents Make the Switch to, Innovative, Environmentally-Friendly  Reusable Shipping Bags that Customers Love

Camp Rents Returnity

BROOKLYN, New York  — July 13, 2018  — Returnity Innovations, Inc. has announced the addition of SweatStyle and CampRents to the growing list of companies switching from single-use cardboard boxes and poly mailer bags to Returnity’s reusable, sustainable shipping packaging.

Single-use packaging is expensive, bad for the planet – and boring, says Returnity.  The company has fixed this problem with great design, an efficient production process, and a deep understanding of its customers’ needs.  Other innovative companies using this packaging include thredUP, Rebag, Brideside, Happy Returns and more.

“Convenience is key for our customers,” said Helena Cawley, founder and CEO of SweatStyle.  “Being able to place any returns right back in the bag, zip it up and drop it in the mailbox helps make the experience seamless, easy and fun.”

Returnity reusable shipping bags and boxes are guaranteed for more than 40 shipments, saving companies money, making customers happy, reducing paper consumption and carbon footprint, and limiting pressure on overtaxed landfills and recycling centers.

“Our company mission is to get people outdoors and enjoying nature,” said Jennifer Owens, founder and CEO of CampRents.  “Using sustainable shipping packaging is an important way for us to reinforce our commitment to the planet while making our customers even happier to use our service.”

Returnity’s process includes custom renderings and prototypes, branded packaging, a 40-shipment guarantee, cost savings, and general good feelings.

“We are excited to add SweatStyle and CampRents to our accelerating list of customers.  Innovative merchants who know a better packaging solution is available are coming to us.  While everyone says cardboard and poly have to go, only Returnity has developed a unique process for understanding and adapting to the unique challenges of each shipper,” said Mike Newman, CEO of Returnity.

SweatStyle is a personalized shopping service designed to change the way you buy premium active wear.  Fill out a short profile about your workouts and style preferences and receive a box to your door with seven hand-picked items. You’ll only pay for what you choose to keep and shipping is free both ways. Learn more at

CampRents was founded at a campsite picnic table after a lengthy discussion about the challenges of starting backpacking when you have no gear.  They provide custom-fit, pre-packed rental backpacks with everything you need for a hiking, backpacking or other adventure. Learn more at

Returnity is the market leader in reusable shipping packaging; its boxes and bags are custom-designed for each shipper and enable elimination of cardboard and poly mailers, cost savings, much happier customers, and reduced environmental impact.  The company offers a proprietary 14-step process for ensuring that the transition from traditional, average packaging to cool reusable boxes and bags is seamless. Returnity also recently introduced its Chrysalis line of convertible packaging. Find out more at

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