Returnable, Washable Packaging Offers Suppliers a 40% Cut in Costs

RETURNABLE plastic crates, boxes and pallets could save Scottish fish farms countless thousands of pounds a year by substantially reducing waste, according to PPS, a company recently featured at

PPS, a company headed by two Scots that supplies and washes plastic sustainable crates to fish, poultry, fruit and vegetable suppliers, believes the aquaculture sector in Scotland can greatly reduce its carbon footprint through the use of returnable plastic boxes instead of single-use, polystyrene ones.

The message follows a PPS-commissioned study showing that the carbon footprint of the company’s plastic crates was:

• 52 per cent smaller than single-use cardboard boxes
• 89 per cent smaller than polystyrene boxes

And it comes at a time when major supermarket chains and international companies are signing up for the fight for sustainability in the retail food supply chain through the Courtauld Commitment Phase 2 programme, a responsibility deal organised by waste advisory body WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme.)

“Businesses such as fish farms can transport their goods with re-usable boxes, crates and pallets.

“We deliver these products, collect them after delivery, wash them and then return them for another round of use,” said PPS director, Iain McArthur.

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