Returnable Transport Items – Where is the Next Big Win?

Kevin Payne of Intelleflex recently blogged in response to articles by LeBlanc and Lehrer, taking a slightly different tact. While LeBlanc argues for the need of limiting container sizes in order to make reusables more feasible, Kevin makes the case for container intelligence.

I was recently on vacation along the Oregon coast and took a photo that I’ve been quite anxious to share. There, along the beautiful, pristine beach, where sea lions gather and people search for seashells, I found this:

Just what every beautiful beach needs, a pallet.

A beautiful wooden pallet. Lost track of. Serving no purpose. Cluttering the landscape. Wasting some company’s money. So, when I see an article about the benefits of Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) such as plastic pallets, totes, containers and bins, I pay particular notice. There are many benefits of moving from wooden or cardboard packaging including improved sanitation, less waste and the potential for implementing close loop systems that can improve profitability. This morning I came across an article titled Reusables – Where is the Next Big Win? It talks about the increasing use of RTIs by leading retailers such as Safeway and Kroger and how they’re able to improve operations based on switching to plastic-based returnable, reusable solutions.

Read more of Kevin’s blog at Intelleflex.

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