Retro Beverage Crate From Schoeller Allibert

Vintage plastic beverage crate
The new Krombacher “vintage” beer crates combine the style of a traditional wood beer crate with all the protection and marketing benefits of a modern distribution container.  Schoeller Allibert combined IML (In-mold labelling) and surface structure to create the product.

Since 1960, Schoeller Allibert has been innovating packaging solutions for the beverage industry, developing durable, and attractive crates that stand out of the crowd. Used as shelf ready packaging in many countries of North and East Europe, beer, soda, and water crates are marketing tools aimed at increasing brand awareness and attracting customers while shopping.

Of primary consideration, all bottle crates must be logistics packaging, offering both maximum protection to glass bottles and ease of handling to operators, robots and customers.

The usual glossy finish of IML was not in line with the used wooden aspect Krombacher wanted to obtain. The new Schoeller Allibert unique matt surface IML, for the first time, achieved a matt finish and relief touch on the crate’s surface as shown in the image.

The company notes that its IML film has improved recycling capacities than any other existing solution on the market.