Retail Sales Strengthen in Australia, Axios Mobile to Supply Pallets and Technology Platform to Leading Egg Producer

Composite pallet and technology platform provider wins contract from Trillium Farms,  AFGC CHEP Retail Index shows continued retail improvement.

Retail Sales Strengthen in Australia year on year growth

Year-on-year retail sales growth continued upward in the March quarter with a rise of 5.8 percent, with further strengthening anticipated, according to the AFGC CHEP Retail Index Edition April 2014. The Index also tracked 5.8 per cent higher in March 2014 than in March 2013 with a turnover over of $23.01 billion. Growth in the Index is anticipated to lift further with an increase of 6.6 per cent over the 12 months to May 2014 when retail trade turnover is forecast to reach $23.62 billion. Year-on-year retail trade growth for the June quarter is also projected to be 6.6 per cent.

“It’s encouraging that retail performance has improved across all sectors since mid-2013 – from 1.9 per cent growth in June 2013 to 5.9 per cent in February 2014,” says Gary Dawson, CEO of the Australian Food & Grocery Council. “Retail sales growth is now at its strongest for more than four years.”

Inspite of weak labour income growth and modest job growth, the Australian economy has been boosted by low interest rates and falls in the value of the Australian dollar. Latest retail data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics have confirmed that retail sales picked up strongly late last year with retailers benefiting from an extended period of low interest rates. Indeed, retailers experienced an even better sales result in the year to December 2013 than forecast in Edition 12 of the AFGC CHEP Retail Index.

“The continued strength in retailer sales over the past two quarterly results suggests a more stable and certain view of economic conditions,” adds Phillip Austin, President of CHEP Australia & New Zealand. “Expectations for the next quarter indicate a resilience in Australian retail supply chains and sales results.” The next AFGC CHEP Retail index will be released in late July 2014.


Axios Mobile Enters Pallet and Technology Agreement with Major Egg Producer

Axios Mobile Assets Corporation  has commenced a five year contract with the Trillium Farms, described at the Trillium website as one of the largest egg producers in Ohio. The agreement involves a phased roll out the Axios pallet and technology platform to the egg industry. According to Axios, the move comes with full endorsement of CCF Brands, one of the nation’s largest egg category buyers.

“This is a perfect application for the Axios Solution and will enable us to fully demonstrate the depth of capability as it provides new levels of visibility into the supply chain generating actionable data for its users,” says Rich MacDonald, President and CEO of Axios Mobile Assets. “This will be of immense value to all the stakeholders within this supply chain. This rollout will highlight and solidify Axios as viable alternative to existing pooled pallet platforms and more importantly, the Axios Solution will provide tangible operational and sustainable benefits to all of the users, including retailers, in the chain.”

The first logistics lanes between the Trillium facilities and their customers distribution centers have been identified by Axios, in collaboration with Trillium and CCF Brands. Additionally. all three parties have begun the data mapping process with Axios and their pallet pooling Division, Axios Logistics Solutions Inc., discussed further below.

“Trillium believes that the benefits of the pallet and technology platform, such as FM Global 4996 certified, FDA material, USDA and phytosanitary compliant, track and trace, carbon offsets, operational savings, and asset efficiency will position us as leaders in the egg industry,” comments Doug Mack, Chief Operating Officer of Trillium.

“CCF Brands is looking forward to a partnership with Axios Mobile Assets,” adds Gabrielle Bartlett, Chief Sustainability Officer, CCF Brands. “Our hope is to increase our sustainability performance by increasing efficiencies during the transportation phase of our supply chain with Axios’ innovative pallet and related technologies. CCF’s commitment to sustainability stems from our core value of ‘improving lives.’ This premise not only distinguishes us, but also guides all of our actions. CCF has pledged to do what’s right, protect the environment and contribute to the communities in which we operate.”

Axios recently formed Axios Logistics Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary, to provide the pallet pooling and logistics services focusing on the supply chain at the retailer and vendor levels.  “More and more clients are asking for a seamless integration of their pallet requirements into their operational, logistics and shipping processes,” states MacDonald.


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