Replace, Reduce and Recycle: Paper-Based Pallets and Bulk Packaging from Eltete

The Finnish company Eltete TPM’s delivery of an automatic paper pallet line to Nagoya in Japan had a dramatic start in June 2013. The line had been tested and dismantled at the company’s factory in Finland and was on its way to the harbour for shipment, when the company got the message that the ship had been lost at sea.

“The shipwreck delayed the shipment by three weeks, but In spite of this, the line was up and running according to the original schedule.”, Eltete Group’s CEO Bo Österman says. “We could increase the assembly speed thanks to the line’s innovative architecture and intelligent connections.”

The pallet line that the company delivered to the Japanese company Moriya Sangyo is an example of the increasing demand worldwide for locally-manufactured, lightweight transport packaging solutions. In this case, the neighboring car factories use these pallets when they airfreight car accessories.

“We’re not just talking about pallets, since we offer machinery for a broad range of paper-based transport packaging solutions, such as heavy-duty transport boxes, fluid boxes, edge boards and U-profiles”, says Marko Virtanen, Eltete TPM’s sales director of technology. “The common factors are that they can all be manufactured close to the customers. Because they are made mainly of recycled paper board they are extremely lightweight and totally recyclable.”

Box for fluids

Virtanen emphasizes that the company’s new concept, The Box, eliminates the need to use substantially heavier wooden boxes in many cases.

“Until now there has not been any real alternative to wood-based boxes if you wanted to transport heavier goods”, he says. “That’s why many of the customers to whom we have sold the pallet system are also interested in The Box. We have now developed a box assembly machine (BAM) that can produce boxes at a pace of about 30 – 60 an hour. This speed will increase significantly as we refine the technology.”

At the FachPack fair in Nuremberg in September, several international chemical companies were very interested in the newest box product, The Box for Fluids, which partly replaces the International bulk containers or ICBs.

“They are interested because of a very simple reason; the Box offers a locally produced packaging solution for fluids that is easy to recycle and that substantially reduces the impact on the environment. In many cases it eliminates the need for traditional ICB and metallic containers that are now widely used and not really returnable in a sustainable way”, Bo Österman says.

Eltete TPM is a global carton board converter. The technology arm of the company Eltete TPM Engineering is a machine and technology provider as well as a supplier of complete manufacturing concepts. The company is ISO-certified and a supplier of 100% recyclable transport packaging materials and solutions. With experience dating back to 1974, the company is one of the world’s leading producers of edge boards, sustainable packaging solutions and packaging technology. The high-quality packaging materials and solutions made from compact carton board are available in more than 60 countries through the company’s own sales organization. Eltete TPM has 21 production sites in 15 countries.

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