Rehrig Pacific Logistics Opens Reverse Logistics and Recyclable Plastics Processing Center in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal.

Rehrig Pacific Logistics (RPL), a leading provider of reusable packaging services and solutions including asset management and exchange, reverse logistics and pooling, and recycling and sustainability services, has announced the opening of its newest reverse logistics and recyclable plastics processing center in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal.

The Rancho Cucamonga facility will process post-industrial, recyclable plastic and convert it into regrind material that can be reused in plastics manufacturing processes. Rehrig’s recycling process can provide closed-loop recycling for a wide range of waste producers including large retail groups and local materials recovery facilities.

The facility will manufacture high-quality HDPE in melt indexes of 5, 8 or bottle-grade fractional in natural and mixed color as pellets or 3/8-inch flake.

“Our new facility will enhance Rehrig’s complete recycling program that can help reduce landfill waste and enhances our customers’ corporate sustainability objectives,” said Matt Dannenfeldt, president of Rehrig Pacific Logistics. “The combination of our recycling experience, technical competence, innovation, and our unique waste-to-product process makes us the ideal partner for sustainable plastics recycling.”

The facility is an expansion of Rehrig’s operations in the Western U.S. The Company currently operates 10 reverse logistics and plastics processing centers throughout its nationwide network.

In addition to plastics recycling, the new facility will offer other services including pallet management and sales, pooling, asset exchange and tracking, reverse logistics, supply chain consulting, transportation, and additional recycling and sustainability services.

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