Rehrig Pacific Builds a Better Keg — Again

Rehrig Pacific Company, a leading logistics solutions provider headquartered in Los Angeles, has taken a beer industry classic and turned it on its head. The company’s PUBKEG bucks the industry standard stainless steel keg: It’s a 100-percent-recyclable plastic alternative that fits with existing filling-and-tap-systems while maintaining the quality of the beer that goes into the keg. Best of all, PUBKEG offers a host of modern safety features, including Rehrig Pacific’s new proprietary Pressure Release Valve, making it the perfect solution for the burgeoning craft beer industry.

“At Rehrig Pacific, we never accept the status quo – something we have in common with craft brewers,” said Jeremy Wicks, Rehrig Pacific’s beer, wine and spirits industry manager and former director of sales and marketing at Mother’s Brewing.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen craft brewers revolutionize the way people brew and consume beer. With so many new breweries popping up throughout the United States, craft brewers have to think creatively to stand out,” he added. “The PUBKEG is an innovative, modern change to the stainless-steel keg that has been used for decades, and thanks to our new Pressure Release Valve, it will also make craft brewers’ operations substantially safer. It’s the perfect solution for discerning brewers who expect their kegs to be just as good as the beer that’s inside them.”

The PUBKEG also was designed to help reduce keg-related expenses, allowing brewers to free up capital and time for other brewery needs. This allows craft breweries to focus on what really matters: their beer. Each new PUBKEG arrives at a brewery completely sanitized and ready to fill, eliminating the time and labor costs associated with old metal kegs. Every PUBKEG is outfitted with a plastic Sankey D-style valve, allowing for seamless integration into existing filling systems.

The PUBKEG also creates a safer environment at breweries and during distribution and storage. Weighing in at about a third of the weight of traditional sixth-barrel metal kegs, the PUBKEG’s secure base-to-lid stacking feature helps prevent tipping. This allows for greater stacking capability without increased risk of injury. Heat, unregulated lines, refermentation, or misuse are no longer dangerous problems. The PUBKEG’s standard self-venting Pressure Release Valve will automatically open in the event the keg exceeds the recommended maximum allowable working pressure. The valve then closes when the internal pressure is reduced.

Of course, maintaining the beer’s taste is critical. “Your beer will reach its final destination tasting just like it did when you kegged it at your brewery,” said Wicks. “When beer comes into contact with oxygen, it can affect the taste. To overcome that problem, the PUBKEG boasts a proprietary process that removes all oxygen from the container, replacing it with brewer’s-grade carbon dioxide.”

“Craft brewers will always continue to push the boundaries of the beer industry,” said Wicks. “We’re excited to see how the PUBKEG will help advance those efforts.”

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