Rehrig Pacific Boosts Asset Management Technology Capabilities

Whether you are looking at roll out carts for waste and recycling, cold chain containers for pharmaceuticals or trays for fish processing, there is increasingly more to the reusable packaging value proposition than simply the reusables themselves. While reusable packaging design excellence is still paramount, reusable asset tracking and management continues to rise in terms of importance. Case in point, Rehrig Pacific Company, a leading provider of reusable packaging for a number of industries, including the waste and recycling collection sector, sees tracking technology as a key component of its offering.


Rehrig Pacific Introduces Newest Version of Asset Tracking Software, CARTS 5.0

Rehrig has announced that its Container Asset Recovery Tracking System (CARTS) Version 5.0 is available to clients as a software as a service (SaaS) model, with new features including an improved and more user friendly interface, quick search account manager tools, as well as dashboard reporting features that capture a comprehensive snapshot of valuable customer data. Additionally, the new dashboards provide a detailed overview of such areas as new container distributions, account database creation, container management and work orders, container inventory utilization and daily collection operations.

“For over the last seven years, the CARTS software has been leading the efforts of providing an automated container asset management program for the solid waste and recycling industry,” says Dustin DePanfilis, Director of the Environmental Services Group. He notes that Rehrig Pacific has millions of containers under management with CARTS.

“We are excited to release its new features to our valued customers and the industry as a whole,” Dustin adds.

The overall functionality of CARTS 5.0 was designed to boost container capital utilization. With the solid waste and recycling sector continuing to expand, more and more container assets are being utilized in conjunction with such operations. Keeping track of the movement of these assets, Rehrig Pacific notes, has been a challenge – one that has resulted in customers being impacted by noteworthy container losses, and as a result, increased and unnecessary container capital expenditures.

Gene Ginn, Assistant Solid Waste Manager, City of Largo, Fla, comments that the  intuitive design makes training staff easy and cost effective., while powerful reporting tools provide meaningful information to determine areas of our operation that may need attention.  “With live collection data feeds you are able to track production on the day of collection,” he says. “Container Inventories and repairs are easily trackable and insure quality customer service in a timely manner.”


Rehrig Pacific Is “Insync” with iAPP Cloud Platform

With a goal of finding an application platform that would deliver supply chain and tracking services to each of the numerous markets it serves without having to create a brand new solution for each vertical, Rehrig Pacific has selected InSync’s iApp Platform. This solution facilitates implementation of all RFID- and GPS-enabled supply chain services in the various verticals Rehrig serves.

“The iAppCloud(™) Platform allows us to use the same application template and tailor it to the specific needs of each industry vertical or the needs of a specific customer. iApp allowed Rehrig to consolidate several purpose built and custom applications into one platform allowing us to centrally manage, monitor and effect existing and new applications,” says Rob Martin, Director of IT Operations for Rehrig Pacific Company.

Kaley Parkinson, National Sales Director, Technology Services for Rehrig Pacific Company, adds that through  iApp’s flexible and powerful reporting tool – iApp Vista(™), they were able to customize dashboards, get feedback from the customer and refine them to meet their needs.

“Rehrig serves as a classic example of an enterprise Internet-of-Things application in action,” comments Ravi Panja, Co-founder and CEO of InSync Software. “By connecting its returnable transport packaging to RFID and GPS sensors and to the cloud with iApp, Rehrig is providing deep business insight into its customers supply chain operations, which was otherwise not possible.”

Bottom line, as reusable packaging applications continue to migrate away from in-house or simplistic closed loop to more complex applications, in conjunction with growing concerns such as food safety and trends such as m2m communication, interest in reusable asset management as well as related technologies, such as the moves by Rehrig Pacific discussed above, will continue to grow.

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