Regional Pallet Workshops to Be Held in France During 2020

PALBOIS Meetings: SYPAL (FNB Pallet Commission) to Organize Regional Pallet Workshops in France During 2020

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The wooden pallet is the central link in the handling and storage system for products and goods all over the world. To promote the advantages of this essential logistics tool, the FNB/SYPAL Pallets Commission and France Bois Régions are joining forces to organize a series of workshops in regions throughout the country during 2020. Thus, PALBOIS meetings will be held in the following seven regions: Hauts-de-France, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Pays de Loire and Brittany, Occitanie, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Grand-Est. They will bring together the sawyers, manufacturers, reconditioners and renters, and buyers/users of wooden pallets.

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These day-long workshops are aimed at a varied audience from the world of supply chain and logistics such as large industrial groups, transporters, and distributors as well as professionals from the wood pallet sectors such as timber suppliers, pallet manufacturers, and recyclers.  

Among other things, they have the objectives of:

– Bringing together all the supply chain participants who rely upon the wooden pallet;

– Understanding the expectations and needs of the upstream sector and buyers/users of wooden pallets to work on possible progress and improvement;

– Presenting dynamic uses of wooden pallets in regions;

– Responding to users’ questions about wood pallets and the various logistics solutions involved;

– Presenting the know-how and skills of regional business players who produce, repair or rent wooden pallets;

– Bringing together the players in the wood pallet sector including lumber suppliers, manufacturers and recyclers in the participating regions.

The manufacture and repair of wooden pallets today represent 20% of sawn timber in France. From a timber sector perspective, it is therefore essential to promote the advantages of the wooden pallet with customers and users, drawing on the experience and professionalism of companies that produce sawn timber, manufacture pallets and repair them.

The format of PALBOIS days will be as follows: a morning dedicated to feedback from industry professionals, sawyers, manufacturers and reconditioners, and an organized afternoon around the visit of a place presenting the use of the wooden pallet (logistics warehouse, shipping platform, palletizing in industry, etc.). These days will also be an opportunity to promote the latest reference work in the sector “The wooden pallet, a key tool for your performance ”, a copy of which will be given to each participant.

The presentations and visits will be adapted according to each region, both in terms of concerns of professionals in the sector as specific logistics linked to the regional economy.

PALBOIS 2020 forecast program

  • March: Hauts-de-France region, in partnership with FIBOIS Hauts-de-France
  • March: AURA region, in partnership with FIBOIS AURA
  • April: Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in partnership with FIBOIS Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • June: Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions, in partnership with ABIBOIS and ATLANBOIS
  • June: Grand-Est region, in partnership with FIBOIS Grand-Est
  • November: RégionOccitanie, in partnership with FIBOIS Occitanie

For more information, contact:

  • Patrice Chanrion, Manager Commission palettes FNB : – 01 88 32 57 41
  • Laure Plum – Coordinatrice France Bois Régions – – 06 01 88 78 64