Reflections on PACK EXPO and the Reusable Packaging Pavilion


Maybe it was just me, but having done this show for 10 years, it seemed like there wasn’t room to inhale on Monday and Tuesday. The show was really busy. Here are a few images from the Reusable Packaging Pavilion to look at while I assemble some content.


The SSI Schaefer team was on hand to present Globalstac, the newest addition to its product line.

The SSI Schaefer team was on hand to present Globalstac, the newest addition to its product line.



“The amount of new technology and emphasis towards a more circular economy really stood out to us at PACK EXPO 16,” commented Reusable Transport Packaging.  “One of the most interesting parts is how reusable transport packaging fits into this new model and how it can offer both financial and environmental benefits to all parties involved.”



RPA’s Tim Debus gave a forward-facing presentation on the role of reusable packaging in a circular economy. For more on the circular economy and reusables, click here.



CON-Pearl NA was again displaying its CON-Pearl board and sleeve pack applications. Sleeve packs continue to grow in popularity in North America, following success in Europe.



PTM (above) has become a regular exhibitor at the show in recent years. Their product mix continues to grow. This year’s new introduction was it’s Fusion Pallet.  According to PTM,”Designed with aluminum inserts and weighing less than 50 pounds, it offers greater load capacity, resistance, durability, efficiency, and versatility. These attributes deliver major savings in the manufacturing, storage, and transportation processes of pallet users.”


orbisORBIS Corporation presented its latest products aimed at boosting retail and e-commerce efficiency, including the Pally, small footprint pallets, picking carts and more.



Perfect Pallets quietly runs a plastic pallet pooling industry for the printing industry and newspapers across the U.S. and Canada. It is looking to find new non-newspaper customers to seamlessly incorporate into its reusable pallet recovery and retrieval network. At PACK EXPO, Perfect Pallets announced the availability of new pallet colors. Perfect Pallets also offers a lease-to-own program. Color coding can be important in terms of operational excellence.



Stan Joray of OX BOX is pictured above. OX BOX provides a range of custom and heavy duty packaging solutions, including ECO-SHIELD, a weather-resistant intermediate bulk container solution.



RM2 made its presence felt at the show. Dave Kalan poses with the RM2 pallet. The company announced an upgrade to its pallet in regard to filling in the stringer channel, as well as its new tracking solution and a pilot test with AT&T.



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