Reduced Time and Costs Key Benefit of 2ic Pallets Software

2ic Software, provider of 2ic Pallets pallet management software, recently undertook a customer survey of their industry leading pallet administration offering. Not surprisingly, ‘Reduced time & costs’ was nominated as the best benefit by 30% of responders, followed by ‘Reduced risk of losses’ with 25% of the votes.

“The results confirm our belief that the saving in time and money provided by 2ic Pallets is highly appreciated by our customers,” says Andrew Whittam, 2ic Software CEO. “We understand that everyone is busy so we do our absolute best to provide a system that enables excellent pallet management in the least amount of time.”

The next survey question asked customers to nominate and rank their top five favourite features. ‘Ease of use’ of 2ic Pallets was the clear winner with 32% of responders nominating it as the best feature.

Interestingly, some of the most advanced technical features of 2ic Pallets, namely ‘Con note tracing’, ‘Redeeming’ and ‘Request copy emails’, did not receive a single first preference vote. However customers did score them well as second and third best features.

“Pallet control is difficult and complicated, so intricate features like tracing consignment notes and redeeming exchanges are a necessity in 2ic Pallets, but these survey results emphasise the importance of making them easy to use,” continued Andrew. “I think it is a fantastic result that a lot of customers rated ease of use as the best feature of 2ic Pallets.

“Our support staff assure me they are knowledgeable, and they were relieved to at least rank mid field!” joked Andrew. “While only 5% of customers rewarded them with a ‘best feature’ vote, they did poll strongly in the minor placings.”

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