Reduce Risk of Forklift Accidents Through Training

Reduce the risk of accidents while operating materials handling equipment through training.

The U.K.’s National Fork Lift Safety Week, celebrated this week, is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness for workers to receive the correct training on how to use the material handling solutions and lifting solutions which are commonplace in the workplace.

Thousands of companies are planning to support National Fork Lift Safety Week, through various means. Some will be distributing training guides designed for both employers and employees while some will be handing out high visibility vests, to encourage people to wear them while working to help reduce accidents in the workplace.

Accidents in the UK caused by fork lift trucks have dropped by over 66% since the Fork Lift Truck Association’s National Fork Lift Safety Week campaign was first launched- this is according to new figures released by the Health & Safety Executive. In 2009 five people working in the UK were killed as a result of forklift trucks, down from 16 people three years before in 2006.

However, despite the downward trend five deaths are still too many- statistically fork lift trucks are one of the most dangerous items of materials handling equipment. Regardless of the latest technologies being introduced injuries caused by fork lift trucks continue to remain too high. Because of this the campaign which starts on 19 September will serve as a great reminder for companies to do all they can to protect their workforce from accidents and injuries.

Often accidents in the workplace happen due to not enough training being given by the company on how to use the materials handling equipment. Nor is enough training provided on how to carry out the various safety checks which need to be done on a daily basis. Some of these safety checks are as simple as ensuring that high visibility vests are worn at all times to ensure colleagues are easily able to see one another.
While in some cases accidents occur when materials handling equipment is hired and used by a temporary driver, or is used in an unfamiliar environment. In these circumstances the right training is even more important to help lower the incident rate.

If you feel your workforce could do with a brush up on how to use your material handling solutions and material handling equipment safely and efficiently why not consider hiring a professional to do the job for you. Advanced Handling is able to offer you this service, whereby an experienced, highly trained instructor comes into your workplace and guides you and your staff through the right safety precautions and procedures.

The instructors are also able to familiarise your staff on the correct way of using lifting solutions and manual handling equipment, to help reduce your risk of having an accident in the workplace. So whether you have just hired some new, inexperienced staff or your staff have been working in the industry for many years everyone can benefit from one of Advanced Handling’s bespoke training packages.

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