Real Time Traceability for EPA’s Pesticide Container and Containment Rule with

Press release 6/27/11
Applying supply chain technology with RFID and/or barcode labeling technology, and web-based Site-Specific Recordkeeping, closes the EPA’s Pesticide Container and Containment Rule gaps on information. EPA is required by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) to promulgate regulations prescribing procedures and standards for container design and the removal of pesticides and other chemicals from containers prior to disposal or reuse starting August 16, 2011. will help registrants, refillers, retailers, commercial applicators and custom blenders to comply with the requirements of this rule.

Applying real time asset tracking protects chemical handlers and tracks problems faster within the supply chain, whether for external or internal manufacturer’s traceback of RFID tags and barcodes in labeled drums, IBCs, barrels, shipping containers, or RPC’s. internet-based database is able to maintain a complete, Point-to-Point Traceback transport and data records in real time for all types of products, including feeds, foods, fruits, ingredients, materials, and vegetable crops. The database allows secure internet access to the information stored in RFID tags and GPS barcoded labels, enabling positive identification of the container’s previous contents and if the container was triple cleaned. database maintains the new labeling compliance information for security, condition, how old and whether triple rinsed and proper schedule for containers and their contents in real time by providing instantaneous access to information via the barcode or RFID code on the original source, source destination, handlers, shippers, temperature, and other data. The new labeling compliance date is August 16, 2011: On October 8, 2010 EPA issued a final rule extending the compliance date for container and containment labeling requirements to August 16, 2011.

ScoringSystem’s unique PIDC, a patented tracking and traceback code system, utilizes the latest in RFID and 2D expandable PDF417 GPS barcode labeling technology., a global, real time, web-based database from, captures detailed product history and source verification of shipping containers movement, handlers, shippers, and storage facilities, as well as time/date stamps in the record. These detailed records are required for the use of reusable IBCs, mini-bulk tanks, barrels, or any Refillable Containers, and drums to satisfy the EPA rules, of flammable, corrosive, or poisonous containers as well as all national and international import/export regulations. They must be triple rinsed if to be picked up, and then reconditioned properly at various reconditioning sites for resale.

Using the web-based RFID search engine and GPS barcode labeling system and real time movement records for supply chain management, provides Point-to-Point Traceback of products at all shipping stages, securing the entire supply chain. All transporters, trucks, trailers, dock loaders, and employees are part of the data records of movement, not just a tracking number. The movement is tracked from one unique Premises ID Code (PIDC) to the next unique PIDC (point to point along the chain) for positive source and handler verification to ensure product safety and integrity using special RFID and PDF 417 human and machine readable labels.

The SSI-EID, RFID and PIDC search engine-linked database enables users to search and retrieve the complete traceback record within seconds, whether external or internal within a plant, helping to comply with EPA, FDA, USDA, USDOT and other International regulations easily, securely, and at a very low cost. and its traceback and traceup system, featuring Site-Specific Recordkeeping and PIDC location code, is one of the many divisions of ScoringSystem, Inc., which is located in Bradenton, Florida, USA, specializing in providing solutions with mobile data, via wireless PDA’s, laptops, and Semacode-programmed Smart and I – phones. RFID and GPS barcode labeling, with real time database links tracking and traceback of transport containers whether perishable commodities and other non-perishable makes managing container tracking information easier and more secure – and does it in an extremely cost effective manner.

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