Quick-Crate® Reusable Crates Deliver Savings and Protection for Volkman

Pack­ag­ing and ship­ping dis­plays for trade shows is no small feat for Volk­mann, Inc. The com­pany man­u­fac­tures and dis­plays large pneu­matic vac­uum con­vey­ors, bag dump sta­tions, unique No-Tip Unload­ers and pow­der han­dling equipment.Quick-Crate

“The equip­ment we dis­play is large and requires custom-built ship­ping boxes that will ade­quately pro­tect it,” said Lori Gar­rett of Volk­mann at a recent trade show (PACK EXPO Las Vegas).

In the past, the com­pany built its own boxes, spend­ing about $800 in mate­ri­als and then ded­i­cat­ing crit­i­cal staff time to build­ing the ship­ping crates. The repeated use of screws to reopen and re-close the crates would even­tu­ally den­i­grate the wood after about four uses, and the Volk­mann staff would have to repeat the process.

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