Quarter Pallets Add Crunch for Point of Sale Pickle Sales

SPREEWALD_17_chep gr


German cucumber and pickle producer Spreewaldhof, has reportedly completed a transition to CHEP, in particular  the new Blue Click ™ plastic quarter pallet solution.

“These pickles are often an impulse purchase, and a strong presence at the POS with attractive display is very important for the company,” explains Dr. Kathrin von Ahlen, the marketing manager of Spreewaldhof. She says that CHEP’s new Blue Click System offers greater flexibility for display mounting and more opportunities in display design. Additionally, Spreewaldhof enjoys the ease and speed of mounting for point of sale sleeve pack display stands.

“We have been working for almost 20 years very closely with Spreewaldhof,” comments Christophe Campe, Managing Director at CHEP Germany. “Spreewaldhof is known in the industry for his great spirit of innovation, as is CHEP. We are therefore delighted with Blue Click and the new quarter pallet to do our part for an optimal presentation at the POS. ”

Since its launch in July 2014, the CHEP plastic quarter pallet has been well received, providing greater sustainability, lower costs and improved efficiency. The new quarter pallet replaces the previous quarter CHEP pallet, which came on the market over 20 years ago, and measures like its predecessor, 600 x 400 mm. Thanks to the clever design the new quarter pallet is very efficient, nestable, stable and easier to handle than comparable transport platforms. In addition, the new quarter pallet offers a special mounting option, the Blue click system so that the customer’s own POS displays safer and faster can be attached.

SPREEWALD_chep 38_gr

Source: CHEP.com