Quarter and Half Pallets Offered in Corrugated for Point of Purchase Displays

Lifdek Corporation Targets Point of Purchase Displays with Small Sizes

Lifdek is now offering quarter and half sizing for POP display.

Lifdek is now offering quarter and half sizing for POP display.

Lifdek Corporation has broadened its pallet offerings with fractional footprint (half and quarter sized) pallets designed to perform as bases for retail point of purchase (POP) displays. The company, an innovator of site-assembled corrugated pallet technology, states that POP displays are trending upward in retail sales worldwide and the new Lifdek display pallets aim to improve the efficiency of this approach.

he Lifdek™quarter pallet, for example, weighs just 0.5 kg for the 600mm x 400mm, constructed from only a single corrugated blank that folds together without the use of adhesives or staples. With assembly in 20 seconds, the company describes it as athe fastest and least expensive POP pallet in the market, yet strong and sustainable as well.

“Because of the substantial up front and back end cost savings, we anticipate the new Lifdek display pallets to make an impact in the point of purchase display market,” states Joseph Danko, President of Lifdek. “The Lifdek corrugated display pallets are a low cost, clean and easy alternative to pallet pools of pallet exchanges. If the displays are made from corrugated, then why not the pallets too?”

Lifdek pallets were designed to serve the needs of the fast moving consumer goods market. Because Lifdek pallets are received and stored flat, they dramatically reduce inbound freight and storage versus other pallet options. After being emptied at retail, the corrugated pallets can be recycled with other old corrugated containers, generating recycling revenue while eliminating storing and loading pallets for pick up. This one-way shipping approach also ensures a clean, new pallet each trip, eliminating any risk of cross-contamination.

Lifdek licenses the pallet technology to distributors as well as end users, which produce their own blanks or procure them directly from their local corrugated board provider. Licensees have access to numerous pallet sizes and designs, with new sizes readily available so that their pallets can accommodate a range of applications.

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SOURCE Lifdek Corporation