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“I think RFID on a pallet level makes a lot of sense because you don’t slow down loading or unloading of a truck,” Michael told the Packer. “It just passes through the gateway and everything gets checked. I think you will see RFID on a pallet level more and also on an item level in the next three to five years. The cost of putting an RFID chip on an item now has been dramatically reduced.”

With more than one-third of the U.S. food supply coming from outside the U.S., disruptions to product flow are a serious consideration. Hopefully, an RFID program linked into a good food safety plan can help expedite the flow of goods. “I fear we will see trade slow down while the FDA, Customs and everyone else gets their documentation together,” Michael commented to the Packer. “Clearly, my fear is that perishable items will get delayed at the border.”

Is the future of the food supply chain in the hands of Pinkertons and other gum shoes? We are left to ponder what role the humble pallet and container will play in ensuring food safety and security, in terms of product protection, ventilation, sanitation, security and traceability.

Their moment is increasingly at hand.

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