Q&A: Preventing Pallet and Container Theft

This interview recently appeared at www.foodmanufacturing.com.

As the value of plastics and other materials used to create reusable packaging increases, more and more manufacturers are dealing with reusable asset theft. Food Manufacturing spoke with Bob Klimko, chairman of the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA), about the growth of the problem and how companies can prevent asset theft.

Q: What is asset theft?

A: Asset theft is a component of a broader term called asset loss. In the reusable packaging industry, asset loss occurs when assets do not survive their intended asset life. Loss can occur from misuse of assets, mistreatment of the assets or theft. Some of the theft is pedestrian, like a college student taking a milk crate for their dorm room. Some of the theft is more organized with sophisticated systems that collect and redistribute stolen assets for profit.

Q: Why has asset theft become more prevalent in recent years?

A: The value of the raw materials used for reusable packaging is increasing, making them attractive to criminals. Whether metal, wood or plastic, as commodity prices increase, criminals are attracted to this type of asset theft.

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