PTM Debuts One Way Plastic Pallet


The need for different industries to transport their products safely and hygienically with stronger, more resistant equipment has led those industries to seek options using plastic pallets that have features and benefits which surpass traditional wooden pallets in many ways.

Factors such as process automation, transportation, weight, uniformity, ease-of-use, and the exemption from plant-product sanitary and health regulations make one-way plastic pallets, used for a single trip, the perfect solution for exports.

Thus, PTM has launched a single-use pallet to satisfy customers’ export needs and to facilitate the processes involved in their supply chain.

“The incorporation of this One Way Pallet into our product portfolio assures we have a competitive, high quality solution for our customers. Not only does this innovative product offer operational and functional advantages, it also results in important environmental benefits because it contains recycled materials and is 100 percent recyclable,” explained Juan Pablo Valdes, PTM´s director.

It is important to note that using recycled plastic products in place of those made of wood greatly reduces the cutting down of trees and environmental impact. Plastic pallets have important operational benefits compared with their wooden equivalents and are reusable.

Moreover, plastic pallets increase production efficiency because extra cleaning processes required for wooden pallets are eliminated, including the need to remove splinters, garbage, and insects, and even fumigation.

With more than thirty-eight years of experience, PTM continues to align its production processes and capacities to generate benefits for its customers by implementing leading-edge technology, utilizing new developments, and offering customized solutions.


Benefits of the new One Way Pallet


  • Has exact dimensions
  • Facilitates process automation
  • Keeps products on the pallet

Free of nails and  splinters

  • Reduces product damage
  • Is safe for employees
  • Reduces equipment down-time by not  requiring maintenance

Lighter Weight

  • Lowers transportation costs
  • Is easier to handle

Waterproof material

  • Does not promote bacterial growth
  • Is easy to clean

Source: PTM