Procacci Brothers Relies On CHEP For Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits

Procacci Brothers Sales Corp., one of the largest produce distributors in the USA, has signed a new contract with CHEP, according to the industry leader in pallet and container pooling solutions. The new contract expands the usage of CHEP pallets at Procacci Brothers to include additional product lines and transport lanes.

Procacci Brothers transports its branded and private label tomatoes, organic produce, ethnic and specialty produce, wine grapes and tropical produce from its facilities in Philadelphia to supermarkets, club stores, wholesalers and foodservice distributors throughout the USA and Canada on CHEP pallets. The distributor has been using the CHEP pallet pooling program since 2001 and continues to experience cost savings due to product damage reduction, productivity improvements on the warehouse floor and environmental sustainability benefits.

Procacci Brothers Director of Sustainability & Productivity, Kevin Delaney, said: “The relationship with CHEP is a strategic partnership that helps to ensure our customers are receiving our product with minimal risk of damage and hassle. The partnership also drives environmental sustainability and shipping performance throughout our internal and external supply chains.”

Based on third-party life-cycle inventory analysis findings, through its use of the CHEP pooling system as opposed to alternative pallets, each year Procacci Brothers is reducing solid waste generation by more than 63,000 pounds, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by about 47,000 pounds and saving more than 1.36 billion British thermal units of electricity.*

CHEP USA Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Karen Hempel, said: “CHEP is committed to helping Procacci Brothers decrease its environmental footprint, while improving the efficiencies of its logistics and warehouse operations. We value their trust and look forward to providing Procacci Brothers with great shipping platforms and excellent customer service for years to come.”

*Savings based on life-cycle inventory analysis of CHEP USA’s pallet pooling program conducted by Franklin Associates. The calculation is based on Franklin Associates, “Solid Waste Analysis And Life Cycle Inventory Of Pallet Systems,” 2009 Update.

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